A good NBA trade idea?


Tracy McGrady
Rafer Alston
1st Round Pick

Tmac is verry overated and theres only one positive thing about that, he can be trade for someone better.

Rafer Alston is kind of overated. He is looked at as A reliable PG but he is shooting 37 percent!!

Houston's Benefit: A better team!! The best 3 way combination you can possibly have is a PG (one end), A SF (the middle man) and a Center(the other end).

New Jersey:

Jason Kidd
Richard Jefferson

J-Kidd has been in many trade rumers lately

New Jersey's Benefit: A younger team. J-Kidd is now 34 years old. Now look at the new team.

C - Mikki Moore - An expereanced and liable Center with young evolving Josh Boone comming of the bench.

PF - Nenad Krstic - If he can come back from injury we now what he can do. He can also play Center (age 23)

SF - Tracy McGrady - Overated but still a great player

SG - Vince Carter - another great player and has been getting many tripple doubles lately. Also friends with Tmac

PG - Rafer Alston - Bad shot selection but something that can be coached. Pretty good at seeing the floor.

And ofcourse a 1st round pick

Trade will work well with both teams

Wich team do you thing would be better?

Do you thing this is a realistic trade?



I think it would be better with a 3rd round pick

Why does every NBA player travel and get away with it?

No it is not realistic. I think New Jersey likes the idea of being past the 1st rd, getting Mcgrady would prevent that.

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