Am i worth to be a center?

Question:im thinking about trying out for the basketball team next year. it's the 7th grade team by the way.

I can block balls get rebounds shoot in the paint



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Don't limit your self to a position or certain skill set this early in life. Work on all your skills including ball handling, set shooting, off the dribble shooting, post moves, dribble drives, passing, perimeter defense, post defense, rebounding and more. You don't how big you gonna get so what if you work on only big man skills and you only grow up to be 6*1, then you won't be able to play basketball well but on the flip side if you work on your skills you'll be prepared to be a guard if necessary or you can big a big man with a huge arsenal of skills.

As for what position you should play now? Go tryout, play your game, play to your strenghts. Find out what the team needs and play that role with the skills you do have. Then definately in practice hone those skills and work on your weeknesses, become a complete player.

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that's center height for a 7th grader!

plus, if your skill set is geared more towards the painted area, it's a good chance.

just go into tryouts/practice and give it all you've got and the coach will assign you the position he feels is the best fit for you.

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u r very tall, u can play c...
it is great that u can shoot 3pointers too!

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That's average height for a 7th grader so I would try to be a guard if I were you, because when I was in 7th grade our center was about 6 feet tall so unless you really are great you would be better off trying something else.

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Yes you should definetly be a cenrer. I am in 7th grade too and on my team we have a guy with the same qualities as you. He's pretty good. As long as you play hard(not soft) you should be pretty good.

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You are worth being a center.

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yes your 5'8

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tall 4 a 7th grader so ill say a power forward or center... you'll b great in the low block

A stupid qauestion but what the hell?

yah you can be a pretty good center but if thats all you can do then you should just play center. now what could be better is if you were fast, strong, quick, had point guard ball handling, and can shoot from 3-point range. then the coach could play as small forward and since you're a tall 7th grader then you can create a mismatch and be able to take advantage of it. but to answer ur question yes u would be a dominant center.

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