Will the NBA's Golden Age, Jordan-Magic-Bird Era of the ‘80s and early 90’s, ever be surpassed in greatness?

Keep in mind that aside from Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, this era also had such basketball icons as Charles Barkley, Isiah Thomas, Karl Malone, Patrick Ewing, Clyde Drexler, Dominique Wilkins, Chris Mullin, Hakeem Olajuwon, John Stockton, David Robinson, Scottie Pippen, Joe Dumars, Kevin Johnson, Mark Price and Dennis Rodman.


What would have been the most exciting nba playoffs series to watch?

More so than that this era is the reason that many of you watch basketball today. The NBA in the 70's was okay but it wasn't blowing people minds away...until Magic & Larry hit the NBA scene in 1979...and since then it has never been the same.

For someone to say let's stop living in the past tells me that he wasn't around much when Magic, Larry & Micheal a little later brought our game...from a game mainly watched on the East & West coast to a game that is now watched internationally.

Without Magic...no cool passes, and alley oop dunks.
Without Larry...no diving on floors for loose balls.
Without MJ...no cool sneakers, and baggy shorts
Without Nique...no human highlights.
Without Hakeem...no dream shake.
Without Isiah, Joe and the 86-90 Pistons...defense wouldn't be fashionable.
Without Charles...well let's just say that the media wouldn't load into a dressing room looking for the next great comment.
Without Drazen Petrovic...very little internationals would believe that playing our game can be done.

This era is the reason why we all watch today. Can't deny that!!

Will Billy Gillespie turn it around at UK?

no mention of Julius, Parrish, McHale, Moses, or Gervin?

Is it magic or magnets (David Blaine asks about making baskets)?

never..that was a magical era indeed.......

Is it possible to make a 4 point shot in basketball without being fouled?

No. While you've listed some great players and some great teams, I doubt there will ever be a better Finals than the Celtics/Lakers. Their historic battles transcended sports.

For starters, both teams' superstars--Bird, Johnson, McHale, and Worthy--were young, healthy, and in their primes. Second, each team represented a major city, on opposite coasts; and the cities could not have been more dissimilar. In addition, each team's style of play reflected its city: the Celtics had the NBA's best half-court, grind-it-out offense, and the Lakers ran the "Showtime" fast-break to perfection. Finally, the teams were evenly matched: if they'd played 100 games, I doubt either team would've won more than 60.

There were plenty of outstanding series during this time featuring a number of great players ... but for me, not a single series came close to providing the excitement Larry Legend and Magic brought to the NBA.

Phoenix styyle of game?

ofcourse it will be ... basketball has change since then ... obviously that was a magical era of basketball but the stars of today "lebron, anthony, wade, dwight etc..." ... they play a totally different game and are the beggining of a new era that will be remembered just as much as those days ... lets look at these players stats in 10 years and see how they measure up, my money is that they are better than the stars from the "jordan" era ... and ok so you mentioned kevin johnson ... from today lets look at kidd, nash, kobe, arenas ... come on people ... get over the past ... NBA is flying right now ...

Michael Jordan's diet? when MJ was at his peak, athleticly, what was his diet?

absolutely not with Mike, Magic, and Larry you had 3 of the top 10 ever to play in the league and arguably 3 of the top 5. also note: Kareem was still playing and Bernard king was the truth in the 80's, oh and Moses malone and Tom Chambers the list could go on for ever

Suns draft Joakim Noah?

Very doubtful. But for the sake of NBA fans all over the world, I'm hoping for the contrary.

When is the draft pick?

The possibility exists because of players like LeBron, Kobe, Bosh, Marcus Williams, Agent 0, Josh Smith, Garnett, Boozer, Dirk, Vincesanity, Hornets PG (I'm having a brain drain), Amare, Paul Pierce, Baron, all the Richardsons, Bargnani, & on and on. You all can add to this list and as it grows we'll see comparable talent and more explosiveness than the 80's & 90's/

Why do people boo Kobe Bryant?

No, because players from that age played for the glory and the game, not for money. Which is the main reason why most NBA players are in the league nowadays.

I'd like to see how many injury days those players had versus 2000 and on!

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