Who did Charles Barkley name as “the one player I’ll accept losing to if I have to lose”?


How far will the Cleveland Cavaliers get this year in the Playoffs?

jordan of course.

What the hell is wrong with Dirk the MVP every other MVP Candiate is outperforming him in the playoffs?


Could this Pistons team match up against the Bad Boys of the 89-90 team?

Michael Jordan is the correct answer.........

Manu ginboli or tony parker?

Michael Jordan

Predictions on bulls vs heat round 1 series?

Michael Jeffrey Jordan
Though he wouldn't admit it -- "I don't want to say any basketball player is better than I am," he said early in the series -- Barkley knows in his heart that his bald-headed homeboy, the guy he described as "the one player I'll accept losing to if I have to lose," is clearly the best man between the lines.


Spiderman or Superman who would u be?

it would have to be m. jordan. they are friends/ betting and golfing buddies. they openly bet each other when they play golf.

Who will be the dominant player in the NBA in 6 years?

Michael Jordan is the correct answer for the KILT radio trivia.

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