101 points and 20 turnovers, 40 Reb.and 15 Blocks, or 0-27 with 25 assists?

Which would u rather have?


I think its safe to say THAT..?

It really all depends. If I'm a rookie trying to impress people than I would want the 101 point. If I'm a mature player I understand that winning is more important than stats then it wuoldn't matter to me which one I accomplished.

Who won game 1, Warriors or Jazz?

the first one

Are the LAKERS still in this thing or did the suns scorch their poor little booties?

101 puts you in the history books

Who are the commentators who called this play?

Which ever one gave my team the "W"

Should the NBA introduce something like a double fouling?

40 Rebounds with 15 blocks, not only does that give my team the chance to get alot of extra shots with all of those rebounds. But the opposing team isnt getting their shots up. The blocked shots would also likely stop them from coming into the lane and scoring. If you could do that every game then your team would have a really really tough time losing. With 25 assists, teams can outscore your. With 101 points your teammates would begin to hate you and you would start losing because opposing teams can outscore 101 points. With blocks and rebound, your team will play better and you will win games.

Tim Duncan?

101 will get you the win most likely...say on every turnover the other team takes it down court for an easy lay up, thats still 101-40...thats a lot of ground to cover

How 'bout them Spurs?

101 would be historic

Who is the best team still in the NBA playoffs?

I dont know why or how you thought to ask this, but

I wouls choose the first one.

Basketball and soccer?

The first one

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