All-NBA First Team?

Question:Anyone else think its funny that the All-NBA first team is all Western Conference players!

Nash, Stoudemire, Nowitzki, Duncan and Bryant.


Who do u think is better as a alll time player?

No, LeBron made the first team last year, when he actually tried for the whole season. He was the leading vote-getter last year actually.

The Western Conference has been better ever since Jordan left. If Wade had been healthy all year, he may have gotten on this team, but he wasn't. LeBron could have if he didn't half-*** it for parts of the season. The 3 best teams are out West, and those 3 teams had 4 players on this team, which they deserve.

You where I could see analysis of each top draft prospect at this years NBA Draft?

It's because the West has always been the more competitive conference. Put the Kings, Hornets and Clippers with their respective records on the East and they would've made the playoffs. And finally, the team is like that because Nash and Dirk are the front-runners for MVP. Kobe's there for being the scorer he was during the season. Duncan's there 'coz the star of the only other dominant team in the West. They only put Amare there because he got the most votes as center.

Golden State Warriors?

the western confrence has more stars, therefore better teams, but i still love the pistons.

In the western teams of nba tell what are 8 teams for next year playoffs?

Yeah the west has better players.

Who do you think is going to the nba championship?

Lebron over Stoudemire

Ever notice that NBA players wear those Lance Armstrong looking wristbands on the court?

Its crazy! I cant believe Lebron wasn't on there. I think he made the second team last year also. Its just like boxing, its fixed!

Are the Toronto Raptors overrated?

YEAH I noticed that but I think LeBron James should be on the first team

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