Any Jazz fans here?

If you are a Jazz fan, what do you think about the series?


Troy Smith?

I am a jazz fan and one thing is for sure we are not gonna lay down and die it will be a good series ,i say we push it to 7 games ,hope we can win but all the jazz have to play with the heart deron williams has. We were down 20 in the 3rd and made it as close as 5 but boozer needs to stay out of foul trouble and AK47 needs to wake up

Do you think Vince Carter will go to the orlando magic when he becomes a free agent?

sort of a fan. I want them to win, at least! been a Boozer fan since his Cleveland days.

I don't like how the series is going, as they lost the first game. but we'll see how they progress through the series.

Suns or spurs? check it!?

I'm not a Jazz fan but I'd like them to win instead of the Spurs.

I think that the Jazz will win the series in 6. It's only the first game and to be honest, the Jazz weren't that bad. They lost but it's still just one game.

Why oh why do the dallas mavericks suck?

not me

Embarrassed or not?

Big Jazz fan- I think tonight was a good loss. It's hard to beat a team that played as good as the Spurs did tonight. I haven't lost hope, I still think they have a good chance. I've gained a ton of respect for Deron Williams tonight. He was unstoppable- hopefully he's in Utah a long time. If Boozer would have had a better game Utah probably would have won. If everyone plays good on the Jazz, they're unstoppable.

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