Amaré called the Spurs a "dirty team", thoughts?

He specifically called out Ginobli and Bowen, noting instances where he was hit unfairly, and then called the entire Spurs team dirty. I agree with him 100%, I've seen Ginobli, Bowen, & Parker go some sketchy stuff. There's a difference in a physical team and a dirty team, they're dirty. Just my opinion... what do you think?


Where did harold miner go?

Not only are the the most boring team in the NBA to watch but they are the dirtiest team in the NBA they get beat off the ball and think they can just stick their foot out to stop the guy or head butt the other player. Maybe Kobe should get traded to the spurs.

Does it not count when a player wins a championship with another great player?

I think it's unfair to play dirty. All players should shower and cleanse pror to playing basketball in close proximety to other people. It's common coutesy.

If You Could Have Your OWN Team.?

its the playoffs! your a big man, play like one! The suns are soft! Thats why you will see Detroit and SA in the finals. I bet the NBA is dying for that matchup. 72-64 type games! Those teams are gritty and playoff saavy!

and to the answer above mine about the dirty players, then why doesnt Matt Barnes shower?

Is anyone else sick of the cavs and heat getting so much national tv time?

bowen is dirty. he always tries to trip players. everyone else is tame

Explain team fouls?

Honestly, I think Amare is being a bit hypocritical, considering Raja Bell is on that team. But even then, it's just physical play. I think some of these stars expect everything to come easy to them, and when they are being harassed and fouled hard, they take exception. Amare is kind of soft, he plays no D, and he is a weak rebounder for his size and athleticism. I wish he would just shut up and let his play speak for itself, he is playing into the Spurs' hands when he says stuff like this. Obviously it's in his head a little bit, and if he were truly a champion, he wouldn't feel the need to get this petty and call them out in public. If you can beat them, do it on the court, not through the media.

Now that the Bulls and Suns are in trouble?

the spurs are playing hard mayb suns cant take the hit

Bulls or Pistons. I personally think the Pistons are more dominanating with a better PG. What do u think.?

Go Spurs Go

Why do people keep saying that Shawn Marion is underrated?

I agree with him about Bowen and Ginobili. Particularly Bowen, as he has a history of it. The fact that he's a dirty player is pretty obvious at this point. Stoudemire has the right to make his case about it, but at this time, calling the entire team "dirty" wasn't smart. The league isn't going to start sympathetically playing a violin for him and take any further action against Bowen. What he said isn't going to make or break anything. He would have been best not to take up an offense about it publicly, especially during the playoffs.

What is your Favorite NBA team or favorite player?

The Spurs players literally shove guys to the ground to get a steal, loose ball, or rebound.

They do hard fouls alot, to stop a player from scoring in continuation. Tim Duncan, doesn't do it as much, he's a fair man.
But as a team, they resort to alot of grabbing, pushing, and holding to compliment Greg Popovich's "physical defense".
The referees never call it.
So they continue the rough stuff and get away with it.

Who is your favorite NBA player and why?

amare is so dam rite. go amare and the suns!

Who do you think will win the NBA finals?

amare was right. he should have kept it to himself though. we all saw it, we know. i feel bad for sa because they just pissed off the wrong guy

If Dallas loses this series, who do you think Mark Cuban is going to get rid of in the organization??

i think it doesnt matter, spurs are going to beat the suns anyways, and this is just a motivation for the spurs

Phoenix Suns suspend two of their best players!!? Do you agree or Disagree?

there is deffanately a difference in playin physical and and trying to hurt players if u watch the replay of the bowen play he took a HUGE stride and than kicked his foot out and amare was already goin up for the dunk and u usually dont make a move like that at a player that is already up in the air, and amare has had surgery on his achilies tendon so it is a weak spot for him. and have u noticed in ALL the plays that people had been hurt by the "physical defense" of bruce bowen it been the opposing team's best player, coincidence i think not,
i agree with amare i would have done the same thing and try to get the officials attention and hope they call it down the middle next game
and amare isnt hypocritical cuz raja bell doesnt try to intentionally hurt anyone except for kobe(but he deserved that)

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