Anyone have an idea why Kobe really changed his number from 8 to 24?

I heard it was pressure from nike due to adidas re-releasing his crazy 8 basketball sneaker.


Can i make the NBA?

For people who are saying people will buy the new jersey, HE DOES NOT GET PAID FOR HIS JERSEY SALES. THAT'S OWNED BY REEBOK. The main reason is because it was his highschool number. The following vid explains at the 2:40

Plus...Lamar Odom is 7...


Will LeBron ever live up to the hype?

he went back to his high school number, but he wants to prove that he is better than mj.

Who is the best latinamerican player in the NBA?

more money.

if he changes jersey #...ppl have to go out and buy tht new one...

Question about the bulls game?

Money Money Money

Is is me? Or do the NBA Spurs cry alot? I mean every call there goes Duncan crying like a baby?

24 was his high school number. Notice how 24 is higher than 23. Maybe he's trying to say, "I'm better than MJ."

How much is Julius ErvIn rookie card worth?

It was apparently his high school number, though why he changed it to 8 in the NBA is beyond me.

If he's trying to say he's better than Jordan then that's ridiculous. But I doubt even he is that arrogant.

Can kobe make 100 same as wilt?

24 was high school number at lower marion. Its also higher than MJ's and he is trying to prove that he is better than MJ.

Is ESPN kicking themselves now?

Apparently he thinks he is "1" better than Jordan. but 19 short of Wilt- He WILL NEVER TOUCH WILT. end of rant

Lebron James' Autograph Worth?

HE EVEN SAID he wanted a new start. and money of course.

to be greater than mj? wtf.

Whats your favorite nba team?

He takes 24 more shots per game and 8 fewer passes.

Who is a better baller? D wade or Gilbert Arenas?


Who performed better in the NBA FINALS, Dwyane Wade or Kobe Bryant (the BIG STAGE)?

It has nothing to do with MJ. 24 Was kobe's first # in high school before getting 33 later in high school , when he came into the league with the lakers he obviously couldnt get #33 becasuse the Lakers retired that numbewr because it was cap's AKA Kareem. He got #8 by adding the digits in his adidas ABCD camp which was 143.

Last I heard Chris Herren was playing basketball over in Iran. Does anyone know where he is now?

cause xblee1 is gay , anways thats his old highschool number

Which calls in the NBA are likely to change next season?

im pretty sure it has nothing to do with the crazy 8 becuz gilbert arenas and a few other players have been known to wear that shoe it was his old high school number but the first thing i though about was he is trying to one up michael jordan his number was 23 so 24 is one step up might not mean anything at all but a change but how many players change there numbers in the middle of their careers like that just cuz they want to its doesnt ever happen so ima stick with he is just trying to be one better than MJ

Assuming Steve Nash and Jason Kidd are the best two, who is the third most precise NBA passer at point guard?

Maybe has something to do with it but obviously not the reason. 8 used to be Mike D'Antoni's, Phoenix Suns coach, old jersey number. Kobe actually mentioned it during the playoffs last year.

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