76ers a contender next year?

Since the all-star break the 6ers own the 6th best record in the NBA. Then tonight they almost beat the Cavs w/o Iguodala, Korver, and Carney..Assuming the way they finished this year along with Iguodala continuing to develop along with Carney and Willie Green and even Luois Williams(gonna be special) and now with 3 1st round picks they can be a very scary team. Especially in the east! Plus when KK gets hot there is no stopping this team...just wondering what everyone has to say? Thanks


Dwayne wade?

i dont know about the 6ers being unstoppable when korver is hot, but i think the 6ers will be good next year. they obviously made the right move by shipping iverson out, miller is a true PG and brings out the best in korver, carney, and iggy. dalembert can block shots and like you said, they have 3 picks in one of the most deepest drafts. yea so i think the 6ers might be next years version of this years toronto. under the radar nobody will expect the 6ers to do anything, but they could surprise.

Bye Bye Miami, Hello detroit.How do you think the bulls will do against the Pistons?

I like big butts and i do not lie i like them round and round til they hit the ground!

Didn't Charles Barkley say...?


Dallas Mavericks or Miami Heat?

To be true playoff contenders, the Sixers will need at least two more years. Iguodala is a great player and he's developing, Dalembert is one of the best centers in the league and Andre Miller is a decent PG. They could get a pretty high draft pick and get a decent player. They would make the playoffs next year landing in the 6-8 seed.

Why do so many people hate kobe so much?

They're one good PF away from being very good. It's just sad they waited this long to get rid of Mr. 40% the ball hog.


If by contender, you mean 7/8 seed in the East, then yea why not. Iguodala and Kyle Korver are good players. They will take a little while to develop. Andre Miller is getting older each year. If they do good in the draft and come out with one starter, they might be in good shape. I dont know much about the 76ers, so I dont know what positions they could use most and so fort.

I will give them .500 next year, which would be good enough to at least make the playoffs.

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