Alonzo mourning was the first pick ever in which nba franchise's history?


Tim Hardaway?

He was selected #2 and went to the Charlotte Hornets- Behind Shaquille O'Neal which went to the Magic in 1992

Who invented Basketball?

Charlotte Hornets. They were my Favorite team.

What ever happend to harold miner?

Charlotte Hornets which is now the New Orleans Hornets. He was selected 2nd after Shaquille O'Neal in the 1992 draft

Whats the point of offensive interference?

Charlotte Hornets

Who thinks kobe bryant is hot?

Alonzo Mourning wasn't any franchises first ever pick. He was selected 2nd overall in the 1992 Draft. Larry Johnson was selected 1st overall in 1991 by the Charlotte Hornets. The first in franchise history.

Who else is happy to see the La Lakers fail once again?? Go Suns!!?

True, Alonzo Mourning was not the Hornet's first draft pick ever. And Larry Johnson was their #1 pick in 1991. But the team started playing in 1988. Their first draft pick ever was Rex Chapman, chosen in the first round, #8 overall by the Hornets in the 1988 draft.

Why were the Grizzlies so bad this season?

Charlotte Hornets. LJ and Zo. what a combo... Dell Curry, Muggsy Bogues... Kelly Tripucka?

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