Anybody Still Believe?

What happened Warriors fans? Go Jazz!


Where will alando tuker be drafted?

of course i do. that's my team right there... and im proud of them that they've come this far when everybody just wrote them off completely. if they can keep this same team for next season i believe they'll only get better from here. hey... just like i give credit to the jazz for playing great basketball, you have to give the warriors credit for playing well (if you dont count the hard fouls and emotional outbursts) too.

Who is the BEST NBA PLAYER of all time?WHY?

Those fouls were so uncalled for. Haven't you seen any of the other questions? They had a good season though, but its hard to win it all back for them now. I believe they'll get them but i'm waiting on the suns and spurs to kick them jazz azz. haha

Awwwwwwwww Hell No!!!!!!!! How did the GS Warriors lose that game??!?!?!?!!?!?

when you get swept by san antonio and you get no calls even while your team contiunes to mug players

you'll be right where we are right now..stunned at how bad this series was called.

all i can say is those ref's better not show their faces in oakland. they'll regret it.

Does anyone else think that Baron Davis cheap-shoted Fischer in Game 4?

lol are you trying to put down the warriors? hahahahaha, i really hate basketball and have only watched the warriors playoff games but wow they had a great season and pulled off the biggest playoff upset in nba history and should have beat the jazz, they didnt win this series but they accomplished more than anyone would have ever thought, plus i personally think the suns or spurs will own the jazz in the next round lol

Can some one explain what the seventh seed in the west means?

I believe that they had a great season and their season should still be alive right now but the refs had other plans.

I believe they are an 8th seed that barely made the plyoffs and beat a good mavs team that had an MVP on thier team.

I believe they made that MVP look very ordinary.

I believe they are fun to watch and its a shame they got screwed.

I also believe the Jazz is done in 5 games against the Spurs

Why wasn't Duncan suspended?

Had it been a best of 9 the Warriors would of won the series. That's probably what they believe.

Anyone a fan of the arkansas state indians?do you think dickey nutt needs to be fired for not winning?

a lot of people believe.. :] And we will keep on believing.. :]


Do the Dallas Mavericks have a chance to win it all next year or will they implode?

I'm so sick of everyone blaming the refs. please!! utah would have won anyway if not this game they would have won the next. they are a better team that's all there is to it.
but just wait til next series.

Who Is The Shortest NBA Player?

Hell yeah. Wait, you actually thought We Believe was for this year? No dude, it is a three year plan. Watch, next year we are going to play you again in the playoffs, except this time we will have homecourt advantage.

Why is it that the ESPN mock draft has the bucks picking durant with the #1 if they get it?

I've always believed, from 13 years ago until now and I won't stop.

Do the Utah Jazz have the officials at their home court in their pockets?

i dont no..

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