What New York Knicks player was dubbed both “the braided one” and “Satan”?


How can you all judge Kobe about that rape trial?


Who all thinks that the spurs are going to go the championship?

Latrell Sprewell

Will lebron james be on the 2007 fiba basketball team this year?

Spreedwell or somptin like that!!

Spreewell lol

Is Kobe Bryant good or bad for basketball?

This is the 487th time today this question has been asked. Learn to use the "search" function, folks!!

What do you think of this year's NBA season, especially the playoffs?

That would be Latrell Sprewell.

Do you think Ronnie Price's dunk over Carlos Boozer is the dunk of the season?

What a bad *** Latrell Sprewell

Which team is going to win the nba championship this year??

Latrell Sprewell is the answer to the radio trivia

My favorite player wins MVP!?

The answer is STILL Sprewell

Check the value of glenn robinson basketball card?

Latrell Sprewell is the answer for the radio trivia:-]

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