Am I the only one who thinks the Lakers can beat the Suns in 7?

Remember how close they came last year and they got the same team, maybe better, and the greatest playoff coach ever: Phil Jackson.


Which NBA team do you think has the least amount of thugs on their team?

I think they could difinitly beat them with kobe .

Could the NBA greats of the past hang with the physically stronger athletes of today's game?

yeah lakers don't stand a chance against the suns

Will the Bulls get swept by the Pistons?

i think the Suns will get a come-from-behind victory over the Lakers like last year

La Clippers and GS Warriors.?

Uh...Its a stretch...One of them is the best team in the NBA, and the favorite to win the Championship...and it's not the Lakers...

SPURS WINING the nba champsionship?

Yes you are the only one that thinks that. they better win tonight or they will get the Mavs and they WILL not beat them

Whereever you go there is no Laker-Love?


Who is your favourite euroleague player?

If they're defense is decent, they could do it. However if the Lakers drop back to the 8th spot, they will play Dallas in the first round. Honestly, I'd much rather see us play the Suns...because I think we'll get smoked by Dallas.

Finish this joke: Why did Kobe Bryant cross the road?

Nash will run Kobe over. I mean its pretty much Kobe against the Suns. Who does Kobe have to support him except for Lamar Odom.

Is tony parkers daughter Candace parker?

The lakers are a great team and they could win.

What Kind of Dunk do you want to see in the Dunk Contest next season?

Yes. Yes you are. ; )

Chicago bulls.?

lakers dont stand a chance. you're right, they have the same team as last year. suns dont. they have amare back. and that is a good 20pts, 10 rebs a game, and that will make the series a 4-0, 4-1 series in favor of the suns.

Where can I find John Woodens Pyramid of Success poster?

There's gotta be someone else out there. But the Suns are a much better team.

God damn whenever i play basktball i can never pick a for whenever i shoot the ball some help plz??!!?

yes your the only one

What is going on with your stylist ?

I'm a big lakers fan, but I can't see this happening, the lakers aren't playing together as a team, they are all standing around like spectators while kobe does everything, Kobe doing everything can defeat some of the lesser teams during the regular season, but it just isn't going to work during the playoffs

if it was just kobe vs nash, nash wouldn't stand a chance

Should the NBA bring in an unseasoned, but new young group of officials?

Look at it this way, the Suns are the #2 seed in the NBA with a record of 61 and 21. When it comes to playing Dallas well we have a 50/50 chance. The Lakers on the other hand have it kinda ruff with the record of 41 and 40. Just above .500 at .506. Barley scraping by. Take a look at the standings and the numbers..the numbers don't lie.

Where can i watch the NBA playoffs live for free on the internet?

no, i think so too

Should the Suns pick Al Horford with the Atlanta pick?

Yes, you are. The Lakers are still reeling from injuries and don't have the depth to play the kind of game the Suns are going to bring to them.

Who is going to win the Spurs-Suns Series?

uh..yeah your the only one...

I'm makin a movie and I need some more original basketball shots, any ideas??

Suns in 4

Are you a Pistons Fan...?

If they make it to 7 games, I think the Suns would close out the series at home.

That being said, the Lakers would have to close it out in 6. But if they make it to 6 or 7 games, The Lakers would have already proved they could win the series.

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