Any opinions on Luke Lowrey's "double your vertical leap" program?Has anyone tried it?


Don't you hate when a team plays terrible on the road then they play at home and they play much better?

Hey, I have it. it is way over-rated! He is a super cocky guy. No coach or athlete can claim they have the best program out there. Cause honestly it has information you hadn't heard of i'm sure (unless you read diet and nutrition books) which is good. but the format he puts it in is really sloppy AND I can think of more than one way to make the whole program better. You have to read it several times and basically re-write it to make it easy to follow. It's basically a rough draft of what a professional product worth 300 bucks + should be like.

There's a MAJOR flaw in this program, and that's something that even Luke will admit. Luke says the reason he quit pursuing his professional career in basketball was because of injuries!! Which means this program may get you a nice increase in your vertical but it doesn't address the very important Injury Prevention techniques that any strength training coach can give. I had to stop it after 4 weeks because i ended up injuring my knee with it.

I am almost fully healed now (took around 5 months) and I'm actually thinking of starting the vertical Jump bible. It seems much more sensical to me to tell you the truth, and you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars more on "supplements" and "strength training shoes" etc...

Who is the best out of dirk and d.wade?

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