What New York Knicks player was dubbed both “the braided one” and “Satan”?


Good first round so far?


Who here thinks that Golden State could have beaten The Spurs or The Suns in the First Round ?

latrell spreewell

Why does Tim Duncan get a free pass from the media?

that should be 'the choker' latrell sprewell who broke in with the Warriors (until choking PJ Carlisemo, his coach) and played with the Knicks and Timberwolves

Should Amare Stoudemire and Boris Diaw be suspended for one game? Why? The spurs are being too physical.?

Latrell Sprewell works for Radio Triva.

Nba YEar of the underdog? Is houston the most underated team in nba?

Latrell Sprewell is the answer to the radio trivia

Ha ha suns, i told everbody the sun will set, ha ha they lost. they think they so better than lakers, THEY?

Latrell Sprewell is the answer for the radio trivia:-]

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