10 Greatest Basketball Players Ever?

Question:Let the debate begin! Here is my list let me know what you think!

1. Michael Jordan
2. Oscar Robertson
3. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
4. Wilt Chamberlain
5. Magic Johnson
6. Bill Russell
7. Jerry West
8. John Stockton
9. Larry Bird
10. Shaquille O'Neal


What franchise has played in the most NBA finals since 1947?

some of these list i m lookin' at is absurd..JOHN STOCKTON does not belong in TOP TEN GREATEST OF ALL TIME. if u look at ur list, u can see that all have won championships except for STOCKTON.ALL TIME GREATEST encompasses personal achievements as well as team accomplishments. u can only say your the GREATEST OF ALL TIME, having led your team to the RING..which everyone on your list has accomplished except STOCKTON.STOCKTON has never even been the best player in one season...no MVPs

i hate the debate who the greatest of all time.its impossible to compare players from different eras and different positions, different rules...and so on n so on.nontheless, it is FUN and ENTERTAINING TO discuss it anyways...

my list

(1) Magic Johnson - no player in history of NBA understood the game like MAGIC.he knew when he needed to score, when he needed to pass...who to pass to. when to sit back n let others get involved.when to impose his will n take over.at 6'9", being the point, all oppositions had to adjust their defensive scheme..no other point guards could effectively guard him.MAGIC would have had more rings had it not been for the BIRD n the CELTICS.if MAGIC came around in the 90s, he would have just as many rings as JORDAN if not more..no man in history of NBA played all FIVE POSITIONS.

(10) DR. J

Who's better, Gilbert Arenas, Steve Nash, Baron Davis, Steve Francis, Jason Kidd, Ray Allen, Ben Gordan,?

Not bad, but I'd find room for Elgin Baylor and George Mikan. Maybe I'd drop Shaq and Stockton to fit them in.

Who are the top 5 point guards in the game?

awesome list dude...i love to see those 10 divide into 5 teams and see them play a 2 on 2 tournament...or see them divide up into 2 teams and see them play a full lenght nba game.those are the 10 best players ever

Did the spurs sacrafise?

i know shaquille...i don't think those other men are playing yet

magic johnson is a business man

oh michael jordan is a player from when i was a kid

who are the other men?

are they recruits?

Who will be next year's Toronto Raptors?

Your list is a good one but I think I would have to put Dr J on there instead of Shaq.

For once and for all, this is to determine which is greater? Kobe haters or Kobe lovers?

great list

To all you Rockets fans.?

great list...i'd want to throw reggie miller in there somewhere.

Mengke bateer won a title with the spurs in 2003, did he get a ring despite being a reserve?

Good list there. I would have put Dr J somewhere as well. What about more recent players? Unproven as of yet? LaBron James is one that comes to mind, but he's still too young to tell.

Should the Phoenix Suns trade Marion and 1st round pick for Garnet if they have the chance?

Well, Micheal Jordan should definately be lower on the list, or not on the list at all. We're talking about greatest players EVER right? Where are Elgin Baylor, Nate Archibald, Pete Marovich, Connie Hawkins, Hakeem Olajuwon, Karl Malone, and FREAKING Julius Irving?

My personal list:
1)Oscar Robertson - Like you said, triple-double for a season in a much more physical and talented league is a pretty tall accomplishment.

2)Wilt Chamberlain - Most dominant player ever.

3)Elgin Baylor
4)Jerry West
5)Nate Archibald
6)Hakeem Olajuwon - 2nd most dominant player ever, he totally owned Shaq when they played against each other.
7)Julius Erving - Phenominal athlete, explosive offensive player.
8)Bill Russell - won the most rings, but wasn't a very dominant player.
9)Pete Marovich - he still owns scoring titles that haven't even been close to being broken, and he did it before the 3-point shot.
10)Karl Malone - He edges out Micheal Jordan on my personal top 10 because in my opinion if Malone and Jordan were to play in a different era, Karl Malone would be championship material and Jordan wouldn't be able to score against a more physical defense. The new NBA rules were tailor made for players like Jordan as an attempt to make the game more exciting.

Jordan's talent cannot be denied, and would easily be considered best player of HIS time, but not of all time.

Why is D - Wade getting swept?..He has Shaq to carry him for cryin out loud?

1. Wilt Chamberlain
2. Julius Erving
3. Larry Bird
4. Pete Maravich
5. Jerry West
6. John Havlicek
7. Hakeem Olajuwon
8. Oscar Robertson
9. John Stockton
10. Magic Johnson

In no particular order. Bill Russell may be the most overrated basketball player in history. Yes, he was on many championship teams but he was no match for Wilt Chamberlain and several other big men during his era. Shaq would have made my list except for the fact that he rarely plays in top shape and during the last few years has not been very dependable.

Wilt Chamberlain was the greatest player of all time. In his prime he was better than anyone else in their prime including Kareem Abdul-Jabber.

Michael Jordan was also extremely overrated. He played during an extended down period in the NBA. The overall talent was not very good so Jordan appeared to be better than he actually was.

Are the G.S. Warriors the most entertaining and dangerous?

1. Michael Jordan
2. Bill Russell
3. Wilt Chamberlain
4. Magic Johnson
5. Larry Bird
6. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
7. Jerry West
8. Julius Erving
9. Oscar Robertson
10. Shaquille O'Neal (tie)
10. Tim Duncan (tie)
10. Isiah Thomas (tie)

Are you excited about the NBA playoffs?!?!?!? which dog will win today??

1. Michael Jordan
2. Oscar Robertson
3. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
4. Wilt Chamberlain
5. Magic Johnson
6. Bill Russell
7. Jerry West
8. John Stockton
9. Larry Bird
10. Shaquille O'Neal

Who is the worst ref in the nba?

Colunga is retarded doesn't know his sports. He said Michael jordan at the very bottom that is so stupid. He is the best of the best no doubt. Shaq I would not put on there oscar robertson i would not put up there, put in place of shaq is Dr. J, and replace of oscar robertson is Isiah thomas way better, also replace john stockton with dominic wilkinson if you don't add that then you don't know your sports. Specially wren she doesn't know basketball I don't know why she is Contributing . The List is ok i rate is 7 out of 10.

Who should be drafted first oden or durant?

Just about a perfect list. I may pick a power forward like Kevin McHale, Karl Malone or Elgin Baylor however. Since you have a few point guards already I guess I would remove Stockton and add Elgin Baylor.

When he was healthy and in his prime I would have put Bill Walton on the list also but he was rarely healthy.

What team is doing better this season the Cavs or the Mavs?

1. MJ
2. Julius Erving
3. Pete Maravich
4. Wilt Chamberlain
5. John Stockton
6. Magic johnson
7. Oscar Robertson
8. Larry Bird
9. Jerry West
10. Scottie Pippen

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