Am I the only one who thinks that Warrior Fans are whiners?

Seriously, LALA, step away from the crack pipe and watch the game.


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they are whiners b/c many of them in here are the biggest bandwagon fans and don't know sh*t about basketball, LALA being a great example of that. I bet you her and others like her didn't even know who was on the team 2 months ago but now that they are in the playoffs they are all of a suddenly the biggest GSW fans. It's funning how some of them only recently started answering and asking questions in the basketball category.

I was born and raised in the Bay Area but am a Laker fan and a Jazz fan, I like the players on the Jazz team the most out of any other teams and i've been rooting for them all season. Boozer is my favorite player after Kobe and him and Mehmo have been on my fantasy team for the past 4 years. I'm happy for the Warriors and don't have anything against them and I wish I didnt have to root against them but they ended up playing my Jazz. Yeah i could have easily jumped on the bandwagon too but f*ck that. I'm a basketball fan and am not going to jump on some bandwagon like many of these so called GSW "fans"

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Warriors ? Where do they battle !

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JONNY i do watch the game. And the last two were all bullshit. Utah kept fouling probably even more than Golden State, the refs didn't even call it. You're probably the one w/ the crack pipe and you should get your facts straight b/tch. Just watch when the warriors win the next games. Then you can talk all your bullsh/t then. =)

HEY S, i answer in the category BASKETBALL now because i'm happy for the warriors to be in the playoffs. Its been 13 years since, and being the jerk you are you fck/in don't even know. So don't call us warriors fans bandwagons cause it seems like your the one also on crackpipe idiot.

THANKS TONY! go warrriors. =)

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I am not a Warriors fan by any stretch of the imagination, but watching the game I saw more calls for the Jazz than the Warriors.

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All sports fans are whiners, everyone complains when there team loses. DANG THOSE REFS ARE BLIND
When Utah loses just remember your question here and be gracious.

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If you really think about it...we're all whiners when it comes to our team! I know that all the Laker games that I've been to, I've bitched and moaned about things the ref's "didn't see" or complained about the other team cheating. It's all part of the game! The Warriors are a pretty awesome team and the ref's didn't call a lot of things that we all saw at home! But again, it's all part of the game, you win some you lose some. But best believe the Warriors will come back strong for the next game!

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F*ck you. man you dont know sh*t. Let me guess you like the Jazz, cmon your just a hater like everybody else. LALA knows her sh*t man tru GS fan ! All you fake azz spurs and suns fans can back the f*ck up !

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In general, they seem like most other fans - they love their team. LALA just gets too defensive sometimes. When people like her freak out and say things like "kiss my *** you **** mother*** the Warriors will kick your ***! The refs **** suck!" or something to that effect, it makes Warriors fans look like whiners. I largely ignore things like that. I'm a basketball fan, and I have my favorite teams, but I don't usually come online and whine about the game, because it doesn't do any good. After all, it is just a game.

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No youre not. They have come up with an excuse for every loss.

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hey not all of us warriors fans are whiners. i am a huge warriors fan who loved them even when they pretty much sucked so i am used to admitting to defeat. i mean part of being a loyal fan is knowing how to be a gracious loser too right?!?!?! so i didnt blame the refs... its wasnt their fault. it was utah because they're a great team and the warriors got beat bad by them in pretty much every area except turnovers. the warriors couldnt close out these games and that was their own fault. the jazz are going to make my warriors work... but i still have faith in them and really hope they take the next two at home.

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The truth is the entire Warriors backcourt can drive on any Utah Jazz player not named Kirilenko. Utah is known for it's "physical" play.(read foul-prone and cheap).

If the Warriors were getting whistles, this series would have been over in 4. But now that the Warriors are the nation's darlings as underdogs, the NBA is milking it!

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