Penny Hardaway.Where is he gone?Why some players that look promising just vanish from the NBA?

Is because they were not that good,or they had bad luck with their contracts,or even bad managers?


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Penny had a good career, but his knees could not keep up with the physical demands. His promise as a player WAS seen, but faded. I assume that his contract with the Knicks has ended. That is all I know about him now.
Promising players can fade away for various reasons. You cited some of them, but injuries, not being well coached, making bad personal decisions or just not being a good fit for the pro game despite a good college career(such as Steve Alford) are some of the big reasons.

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because of the injuries.
after he was injured, he never plays like he used to be...

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Penny Hardaway is gone because he is old. The dude is in his late 30s. Whereas a few players play that late, even talented players like Hardaway often lose a step, or get hurt. In his case, he had knee problems.

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Uhmmmmm. There are little things in sports that affect athletes... One would be injuries and the other will be fatigue on the body!

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penny didn't really vanish... i say, he was still decent going by the injuries he suffered...

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