What New York Knicks player was dubbed both “the braided one” and “Satan”?


Who else enjoyed watching the baby Bulls run circles around the Heat yesterday?


IS it just me or did the officials really win the phoenix and spurs game?

I'm guessing Latrell Sprewell

First Round Questions: Heat or Cavs? How many games?


Who do you think will win the series? suns or spurs? warriors or jazz? etc..?

Latrell Sprewell works for Radio Triva.

What's your favorite Lakers player which Kobe, Shaq, Magic, Worthy, Kareem, Wilt, or other? choose one.?

Latrell Sprewell is the answer to the radio trivia

Why did they not call it then??(pistons vs cav's)?

Latrell Sprewell is the answer for the radio trivia:-]

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