After last night how many NEW warrior fans are out there..did they bring the love back for basketball or what?

playoff nba at its finest...i know i am rooting these underdog warriors...cinderella team...whatever you may call them...they played with a limpy baron davis...but with the freakin HEART of a warrior...THANK YOU WARRIORS...Representing the GOLDEN STATE of California...


OMG! Can you belive it?

I hope that these "new" fans are not bandwagon riders that will "hate" the Warriors if they regain their losing ways again. I'm sick of hearing these same people at the malls and on the Bay Area streets saying "they suck", "weak team" and other non-complimentary sayings about the Warriors when the loss column total was higher than the win column.

The Warriors will represent the NBA and the World if they win the Championship, just like when I watched them win in the 70's. If they do, I'm sure that the stupid teenagers and bandwagon fans will somehow ruin the celebrations with riots and trouble. I hope not, because I'm a true fan and don't care if the win or lose. I'm happy that the SF Bay Area has a NBA franchise.

If the NBA playoffs were to start today...?

NBA playoffs already started?

In your opinion...?

Hell yeah! They have one of the best teams, and totally underrated.

Eastern Conference Semi-Finals, who will survive?

fairweather fans

What is unanswered pts in basketball?


Is it time for David Stern to go?

A LOT! Did you see that front-runner Snoop Dogg at the game? I thought he was a Laker Fan.

In which store can i find a Baron Davis "the city" warriors throwback jersey?

You know the NBA is in trouble when America is more focused on the second month of baseball and the NFL Off-season, than the NBA playoffs.

So, no.

What is the best basketball offence for a team of mediocre players?

I don't like or dislike the wariors but im glad they beat the mavs cos now the pistons won't have to play them in the final

GS Warriors - mission accomplished or more energy to burn?

I am a Laker and Clipper fan. I'll never be a Warriors fan, but I hate the Dallas Mavs.

good job Warriors!

Cant grip the ball ...?

I hate all you fuckng bandwaggoners! Pick a team and stick with it through thick and thin

Why can t-mac be MVP?

I think that they did not bring back the love for basketball, because it was never gone. We've always loved the thrills and chills of the game - that's a pivotal reason why the NBA still flourishes today!

I think that rather than the love for the game, they brought back the hope and faith for fans out there (everyone will be looking over their shoulders from now on - you can never tell is a lesson learned). And, to quote the Oracle Arena's charismatic crowd, to BELIEVE! they brought back the spirit of BELIEVING! and that's what I loved about this series (other than the excitement every game brought me).

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