Amare and Boris: Should they get suspended or fined?

Question:Do you think a suspension is fair (to Amare and Boris Diaw) in this situation?

Should the leauge fine them instead?

I think that peaople are making a bigger deal about this then it is. Nothing happened, nobody fought, and this decision may decide who wins the NBA Championship (I don't think there is a Eastern team that has much of a chance to win the Finals, but it happened last year so I could be wrong).


Your NBA Finals pick?

It's downright wrong for Amare and Diaw to get suspended for getting off the bench. The Spurs have been playing dirty and cheap. Horry adds one more cheap shot and the result is that the Suns lose an all nba first team player and his back up. Stern just basically rewarded the Spurs the NBA championship for cheating and playing dirty. I haven't been this upset for a long time. I hope this back fires and fans will get so upset over this that they have to change their gay rules.

Whoever comes the closest at predicting the score gets the points??

How about neither?
I think Horry should get fined AND suspended for that intentional push. Isn't it enough that the Spurs have dirty Bruce Bowen on the team? He keeps tripping every player. Vince carter, Amare, Nash, Ray Allen.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Wilt Chamberlain?


Given the fact that the GS Warriors only play an 8 man roster do they have a shot at the Title??


Can someone find me the Indiana mens basketball roster for the years of 1998 and 1999. Did Dwayne Dwayne play

It wouldn't be fair, Barkley is right on this issue. The NBA would be deciding the series if they suspended those two. It is the playoffs and the NBA needs to show some restraint in this situation.

I realize Tim Duncan is a really good player, but is he not super ugly?

I don't think they should be suspended. This is considering the fact that Bowen had a flagrant 2 groin attack which was later upgraded to a flagrant 1 and he was not suspended. What Amare and Boris did was surely less egregious than that. It would be sad if they get suspended without the same type of consideration given to Bowen.

Paul Pierce?

ok kingklick, we get it. it was a big oops for the suns, 2 (good) suns players for 1 (ok) spurs player. you don't need to post the same thing over and over again. find something new to bring to the table.

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