1st Kobe now Dirk...hey and the playoffs barley started. i love it...lol...who was reborn a warrior fan today!


Who is gonna win: Detroit or Chicago?

Good for the Warriors. They deserve it after suffering many years of bad basketball. It was only the biggest upset in NBA playoff history, bar none. Nellie has to be loving it. Dirk can now go home and stop whining.

How come michael jordan was never in video games back in the day?

so your a bandwagon fan...how impressive. You'll jump ship when they lose in the next round.

Who do you think is the best basketball player?and team?

Always a Spurs fan!

Which team came closest to beating the 90's Bulls?

Not today...the Bay Area fans have always been loyal to their teams. We know we've made some bonehead trades in the past where all of them became all-stars, but we stuck with our team from thick and thin.

What do you think about gilbert arenas' press confrence about his nba live cover?

Well being Canadian, I am a fan of Nash and the Suns but that was an awesome performance and if something should happen to Phoenix then I am pulling for Golden State to take it to the rack. An 8th place team, that would be awesome.

Why was michael jordan's jersey hung in miami heat stadium?

hey dont be knockin kobe! he just needs a team behind him!

Which team in the playoffs right now is the most underdog?

I don't care for bandwagon fans. In any sport, all they do is occupy seats, purchase fake team apparel (because the authentic court/field worn jerseys are too expensive for them) and add to the team's bottom line when the teams win. When the teams lose, they disappear like cockroaches behind the walls and don't come out until the teams win again.

Teams get reborn, but fans do not. You either are a true fan, win or lose, or you don't proclaim yourself a diehard. I've seen it happen with these people in the stands with their fake cheesy smiles. Also, they are the ones that were leaving the arena last night and not lingering around savoring the moment of the hard fought series win against the Mavs.

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