"Cheap Shot" Rob?

That could've cost him game 5... another stupid move out of frustration. Players should be wiser when committing those kind of fouls especially during the late stages of the game. They should think that they could get suspended with those kind of fouls. Dumb, just plain dumb.


Im 5'10' and i have to jump 12 more inches to dunk how can i do it in less than 3 months?

Cheap shot rob?

good joke.

It was a flagrant, he will be suspended, id not recieve a hefty fine.
The spurs are one of the most repected teams in the league, and are NOT known for their outrageous plays.
I dont like to play the blame game, and in fact, i dont even care who wins this series, but it seemed to me the refs were favoring the suns.
I'd be frustrated too.
Had that play been made in the middle of the game, he would have gotten a flagrant 1, not 2.
Nash overreacted, he didn't get "bodychucked" as he said, it was a hard foul.
Its the playoffs, man up and get over it.

Who will win tonights game 5 series?

He will be suspended.

Who is the only player to play all position back in the 90's?

Yes, it was uncalled for. The refs didn't favor the Suns, the Suns were just better. The Spurs played their regular, boring, 1950s basketball and the Suns caught up with them. Boohoo, don't whine about the referees people.

And I hardly see how Nash was overreacting. I mean, if a player who was twice your size body checked you and you fell over, would that be reacting? Common sense people!

He'll get suspended and he deserves it.

Another bad game and another victory. Can the Cav's touch the Pistons and moreover can they recover?

he will be. and he deserves it.

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If he gets suspended, it's going to be hard for the Spurs to win game 5. that's one less defender to counter the Suns athletic frontline and you lose somebody who loves taking and making the last second game winners. Well' Finley is there but Big Shot Bob is the ultimate.

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