Should Dirk retire?


Doesn't Raja Bell look like Pharrell?

Yes, all players should retire if the have an MVP season in leading his team to the best record in the league followed by a bad playoff series. Surely the guy is done and should consider moving on to something else like posting stupid questions on .

Which NBA team do you think has the most thugs?

WHY? Because of one bad series? He should just learn from the losses and motivate himself during the summer.

If you get into minor trouble with the law, should you go commit suicide??


Does anyone else think Kevin Garnett is just a little too Loyal to the Wolves?

Should Duane Wade, Kobe Bryant and O'Neal retire just becuse their teams suck?
What a dumb question

Was horry trying to hurt steve nash?

are you an a-s-s or what just casue he had a bad series does not mean that he should he will learn from his losses and come back next year and win the finals i mean just look at their regular season record (67 wins)!

If You Could Have Your OWN Team.?

He seems pretty young.

Is raja bell indian?

Retirement is for wussies

Do u think a midget will ever make it to the NBA or WNBA?

I think, you should stop writing your presumably racist questions.
He is a great player.

Who is the better clutch shooter?

haha yeah after that performance against the warriors and last years finals loss. but seriously no he shouldn't he is a good player and he's still got a few more years ahead of him. personally i hope he gets traded from the mavs before he wins a championship just because cubans a complete penis head.

The Los Angles Lakers?



Basketball question?

why don't you ask a real question you dumb a**

Hey what the heck?

Don't you think we're getting just a little ahead of ourselves?

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