1on1 matchups?

Question:who would win these matchups?









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This is a pretty hard one. T-mac-vince, it's really a toss-up, i'll go with t-mac cause he has 2 or 3 inches on carter.

Amare-KG: I'm going to go with KG, they're both beasts, but KG's obviously the better defender.

Arenas-Wade: Wade, he's too big, strong, athletic, etc. for arenas, not a good defender at all. Arenas will have a tough time scoring.

Dirk-Duncan: I'm going to go with Dirk just because duncan can't guard dirk and even though dirk can't guard duncan, he's faster, so at least he has a chance.

Rip-Chauncey; I'm going to go with billups, hes as strong as rip, and rip gets most of his pts from open shots after running through screens. Billups can creata for himself.

Nash-Kidd: Kidd, he's too big and strong for Nash, and can post him up everytime. Nash won't even be able to get a rebound, Kidd can just throw it up.

Kobe-Lebron- I'm going to go with Lebron because he seems more versatile and athletic, and is a great finisher, although Kobe never ceases to amaze me.

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Just one on one...

T-Mac because VC would be calling fouls all day

Amare because he is much more athletic

Wade because Arenas cannot guard

Dirk because of the outside shot

Rip because he is much more of a sharp shooter

Nash because he is a much better scorer

Kobe because he is actually pretty good at defense, unlike LBJ

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T-mac-Vince - Tmac...too big, too strong

Amare-KG...TIE haha


Dirk-Duncan...Timmy D, unless Dirk heats up from outside...cant match Duncan in post

Rip-Chauncy...C-Billz, RIP is a **

Nash-Kidd...J-Kidd all the way...too smart

Kobe-Lebron...Kobe still, for at least another yr or 2...just put Lebron to the FT line haha

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Vince, he's a lot stronger than t-mac. T-mac will have a very hard time on guarding Vince especially now that T-mac's experiencing back problems.
Kg, he's much longer and much of a defensive player than amare.
Arenas, he can shoot beyond the arc and he's stronger than wade. he can take it all the way to the basket against wade.
Dirk, I don't like dirk and I'm a duncan fan but dirk is a lot quicker and he has a great perimeter shot.
Chauncy, rip's more of a catch and shoot guy. I don't think he can penetrate against chauncy.
Nash, I love kidd but nash can shoot the ball better.
Lebron, he's the stronger player. He can take it all the way to the basket against kobe. With his size and quickness he can guard kobe.

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Vince would beat T-mac- Vince is much stronger

Kg would win, better all around player

Areanas would win faster and less reckless

Dirk- better shooter- would be close because of tims great D

Rip better defender he wins

Kidd better offensive and rebounder

Lebron would win, he is much stronger than Kobe

So suns fans?

Match one: T-Mac is good. But i think Vince would just dunk it all over him. Vince wins.

Match two: KG is too good. Even if Amare is great. KG is awesome. KG Wins

Match Three: Arenas is a good player. I think he would win what most people would consider an upset in this matchup. Agent Zero wins

Match Four: Defense and dunking vs Offense and shooting. Duncan would be very aggressive defensively on Dirk, and Dirk cannot play defense. Still, if Dirk is on fire, he'd win. Dirk Wins.

Match five: Rip is a just as good a shooter, and he's bigger. He is slower, though. He would outrebound Billups, but Chauncey is still Mr. Big Shot. Billups Wins.

Match six: Nash can play no defense whatsoever, but hes a much better scorer than Kidd. Still, Kidd would get the rebounds in this one, several of which would be offensive. Kidd Wins

Match Seven: Kobe in a 1v1 is the same as him in team basketball, only with no one to double team him. Lebron is a streaky shooter, but a MUCH better defender, and hes bigger. He'd be able to knock Kobe around to much, and get the rebounds. ALL HAIL THE KING! James Wins.

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