AND 1 vs NBA?

Do you think it would be cool if And 1 had the playoffs also and they went to a champion chip and won.And a NBA team won there champion chip.What if both teams that won went aginst each other just for fun.Or what if the mvp's of both leauges and they go head to head?Dose this intrest you?


Which NBA coach am I??

i would like it And 1 would win for real(Hot Sauce)

Who will win the east?(nba)?

yo mann thats ill , hotsauce will play aginst kobe, alimoe vs d.wade , esclade vs. shaq, helicopter or the air up ther vs. lebron

How long is a full time out in the NBA?

no because they would have to play by And 1 rules or nba rules which will put the other at a disadvantage

What is the Possibility!?

A better question would be who gets to eat the champion chip?

Do you like Yao Ming?

keep dreaming kid

Jv basketball help?

YES ! That would be so cool. I have always wondered why AND 1 Players dont make it to the NBA, they are all very good. AND 1 Playoffs would be a great addition to the sport, and it would get many people more involved with it. But I would have to say if the MVP's played 1 on 1, i think the AND 1 players would whoop the crap out of the NBA players. Just my opinion.

Can my fellow Kobe haters say.. 'bring out the broom?'?

No it don't . I can't ever seeing pro's play with those joes

Can u believe the crowd in the golden state Dallas game?


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