A bit too agressive?

I have always been into sports, and still love playing it. I mostly play team sports such as basketball. My coach said I need to tone it down a bit. He said that he loved how I played at 110 %, but no one wants to see a player out there who is so serious. The other players on my team, I just can't work with them. I know I can't depend on them during a game because they can't even last a ten minute scrimmage. Should I stay as I am right now or tone it down a bit, and try to believe in them? If you think I should tone it down, you've better come up with a lot of facts to back yourself up.


Since the bulls beat the heat do you think it would be easier to beat the pistons now?

"The other players on my team, I just can't work with them. I know I can't depend on them during a game..."

Kobe? Is that you?

Who would win in a one on one game? Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan?

Your not too agressive. Your problem is that your not agressive ENOUGH. Punch someone. That'll show them.

Nba once again tonight?

No, You are like Kobe carrying your team on your shoulders.

Kobe's #8 jersey?

You're not only aggressive in basketball, but your question's details were aggressive towards the end.

Why do the Phoenix Suns who are the number 2 seed in the west have to play the Spurs who are the 3 seed next?

Leave the team--your idiot coach and idiot teammates are holding you back.

What is a Triple Double and a Quadruple Double?

Um that's a hard question, Maybe you should tone it down a little bit I mean look at Kobe Briant one of the best
he is a ball hog and no one likes him
you can still be a ball hog and keep it to your self, and stay aggressive but once in a wile tone pass it
I'm not saying any thing drastic just a little bit
keep doing what your doing I'm just saying once in a wile

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