A battle royale between Tiny, Thizzin, Lala, Kitten, and Goddess, who wins?


Tell Me About NBA Free-Agents-2-b...?

Well, you mean me, Thizzin, and Lala VS Kitten and Goddess?

Warrior girls, of course! We'll put a sock in 'em mouths!

HAHA I am waiting for others to answer your funny question.


Well, I think you should wait, some of them are prolly asleep already like what I'm about to do right now. Wait until tomorrow or just ask it later.

Kitten and Goddess are b1tches. Yah, I said it.

Who won the SEABA Champions Cup Finals?

well im still awake... its the warriors girls versus the two hater b*tches. its 3 against two here and who will win?? duh! the bay area chicks will tear those two in half! im ready to battle... where they at!?!?!!!

oh... they ran scared because they know they cant touch us! GUESS THAT MEANS ME, TINY, AND LALA WIN!!! =)

haha you're a funny guy...

Where does vince carter get all those twists and turns when he goes for a lay-up?

I'd pick Tiny any day, She's hot!

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