Anybody saw Wilts 100 point game live?


What is your favorite WNBA basketball team?

Wilt didn't dunk all that much during his career. He didn't want to be known as just a big guy who's only skill was stuffing the ball into the basket. Most of his baskets were on turn around jump shots and finger rolls. (Shaq, of course, has never had that problem).

Only about 4,000 people attended the hundred-point game. But the most interesting story is about a guy who didn't...

A guy named Marc Stern was a student in a nearby (to Hershey, where Wilt scored his 100) college in 1962. One of his professors unexpectedly scheduled an exam, so he gave away his Warrior-Knick tickets, and thus missed seeing Wilt score 100.

Forty four years later, he had tickets for a Lakers/Raptors game (he's actually a season-ticket holder for the Lakers today)... but he opted to attend a birthday party instead, and gave his tickets away again... that night, Kobe scored 81 points.

This guy had tickets to the two highest individual scoring games in NBA history, 44 years apart, and gave away both of them.

So if Marc Stern offers you tickets to a game, you should probably take him up on it.

Detroit or Miami? 2007 Eastern Conference Champs!?

It was, sadly, only broadcasted on radio--Just as every other NBA game was.The NBA wasn't very popular in those days--it was kinda like what the WNBA is right now. Well, even less popular than the WNBA. Much less.


I dont think may people had NBA on TV back then.

Who's better, Baron Davis or Stephon Marbury?

He means in person.

Connely JR or Rashard Lewis?

My great uncle did, and he never shuts up about it. "He even made 28 of 32 free throws!" He recalls Wilt not dunking for some reason - maybe to reserve his stamina or something.

Bruce Bowen tends to be dirty, we all know. But Manu Ginobili a dirty player?

not me. not even alive when he scored his century. it's awesome, i read.

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