Anyone know what i need to know/do if i wanted to move to America to have a better chance of being in the NBA?

i noticed my chances of being in the NBA whilst i'm in this country are very slim so i'm planning on moving to the states. but i don't know anyone etc.


Who will win the east in the NBA conference finals?

Get in shape work out, you have to first get into shape so that they can train you and you have to work on your shooting and blocking ALOT! you need to build muscles so that you can have an easier time playing basketball depending on your height of course, also find out where there are tryouts like in sporting events such as Baketball tournaments see if you can play @ them first then concntrate on palying in the NBA OK!Also you can't just be taken in you ahve to go to High School or College depending on your age let them train you so that you can learn the ways there.

So what's gonna happen to the Dallas Mavericks now that they're season is over and have been eliminated?

Make a tape of yourself playing and send it out to as many college coaches as you can, or post it on myspace and e-mail the address of your page to coaches. These days b-ball is an international sport, so if you cvan get some attention on the collegiate level, a school might offer a scholarship and help you make it to the states.

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Go to college and dominate on that level

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