And 1-Nba match up Mvp's?

Who is better (Kobe vs Hot sauce)(Steve Nash vs Professer)(Lebron vs Air up there)And remember Air up there did a 720 in da air.(D Wade vs Main Event)Tell me who would mostly when the MVP's for each match up?


Whos better JJ Reddick or Kick Heinrich?

I think it really depends on what style and rules the game would be played under. If they played a Streetball style game with streetball rules And 1 players would win hands down, that is their game, their livelihood, its what they train for. If your talking an NBA style game with NBA rules then the NBA players would win hands down for the same reason. Your looking at an unfair advantage for one of the teams either way. From a talent perspective I think the NBA has that locked up. AND 1 players have talent, dont get me wrong, but their talent is more "entertainment" and most of their flashy ball handling would result in a traveling violation in an NBA style game. Overall Im giving the edge to the NBA based primarily on skill level and conditioning.

College Basketball?

NBA player in every matchup

Who are the 3 most underpaid and 3 most overpaid NBA players?

NBA players all the way. By the way, Hot Sauce really sucks. I would pick Brian Scalabrine over Hot Sauce.

Can't i play basketball?

All the And 1 player's would win and lebron kinda suck with the game is on the line.

Did i just see snoop at the warriors game or was i trippin?

And 1 all the way and Hot sauce will break Kobe's ankel's

Why are female reporters allowed in male athlethes locker rooms but not vice versa?

Here is some And 1 trivia for you, Skip 2 da Lou (one of the best "Street Ballers") is only an average NBA player (Rafer Alston) and if the And 1 players were so good why don't any of them play in the NBA? It is because they are not very good, what you see on TV is Harlem Globtrotterish, tricks and no defense. Trust me if any And 1 player could get to the NBA they would $$$$$$. And if any And 1 player was good enough to help an NBA team someone would sign him (Every NBA team wants to win) Just think about it.

WHy couldn't lebron, wade and melo, the future of the nba couldn't win at the world championships last year?

What rules are playing with NBA rules or street rues; are they playing one on one on the MVP us And1 players. I think best out of seven NBA MVP would win 5 to2

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