Anyone Excited?:: Rick Adelman will coach the Rockets!!!?

Now T-Mac will get the coach he needed. The rockets will play fast, up tempo, full court, fast break ball. Great to know, isn't it?


David Stern is right, for a change. A rule doesn't need a ruling.?

Yes a fast, up tempo style will work wonders for Houston. Thats a perfect strategy for a team that relies on Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady with his back problems.

What houston needs is a point guard that can penetrate and take some pressure off of McGrady.

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Will the bulls go all the way?

yeah, t-mac been needin a coach

How tall is Yao Ming's girlfriend?

Yupe definately!!

Do nba players shave their armpit hair?


Who is the worst player in the NBA and why?

With Yao Ming and T-Mac, it doesn't matter who is coaching, the Rockets will still do well in the season, what we need are some role players that could hit some shots to win in the playoffs.

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