Another Question For Those Suns?

why is jalen rose sitting on the he's not a 20 point player...i mean you put james jones in the game hell even started him at one point but you have a veteran who could provide some spark and leadership on the bench...they also have Eric Piatkowski on the bench who can't run the floor but is a deadly shooter on the court.these 2 could maybe give them an ok half court game for a couple minutes a game...teams wouldnt know what to do if they could alter line ups like that...what do ya'll think


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I am so glad you finally asked I thought i was the only one wondering why we even picked up Jalen Rose. I thought we picked up Jalen for this situation, The suns need to put him in to match up with the physical play and he can also step out and hit some shots and prolly should just take Diaw out of the game because everything he does he looks scared to do it

Why doesn't Leandro Barbosa start for the Suns?

mostly jus cuz there old and slow, they can shoot, but so can james jones, barbosa and raja bell, and besides shooting they cant do ani thang else

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Jalen Rose and Eric Piatkowski are like "sparring partners" for the starters. They are there as practice players mostly.

The main advantage that you get by having guys like this on the time is like you said. IF they were needed they would be more reliable than a rookie or inexperienced player. They could, most likely easily perform well in the half court set.

Phoenix wants to get out and run. I really don't think that would be a good idea for those two at this point in their careers.

Ok ladies and gentlemen its official spurs are the best team in the league and tim duncan is the?

well, Jalen and Piatkowski are both older, and don't neccessarily have the speed that the Suns use...sure, they're good shooters, but can they use it right with the Suns' pace?

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