Any ideas on what Charles Barkley will say during postgame, of the Warriors game?


If you took the top college basketball team (florida this year) and the top Nba Team who would win?

He'll be sportin that yellow t-shirt and giving props. It's ok, the warriors make even the chuckster jump on the bandwagon now. in the name of sparta, WARRRRIIIORRRRSSS!!

How big will Suns-Spurs game 6 be - Does Amare & Diaw both have something to prove?

its gonna he hilaroius ill tell u tht

Ben I vs. iakny, better then De La Hoya vs. Mayweather??

"The best team won" from the former Auburn star.

Who is the best player in basketball? From team/smarts perspective.?

not sure, but let him finish chewing on that crow before he says anything... he will congratulate the Warriors and say the obvious...that Dirk didnt show up, that his weaknesses have been exposed...hes a 7 foot guard...

Luol Deng, future NBA All Star?

hes a forward retard

Whose skills would you rather have dirk or baron davis?

He would say, "I BELIEVE"!

Who deserve the NBA MVP nash or Dirk Nowitzki?

"Go Warriors."

He is such a fair weather commentator.

Albert helped us. Mavs helped us. Our faith helped us!

I LOVE this game!!!!!!!!!!

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