Am I too short and fat to play basketball?

I'm 3'2", and I weigh 490 lbs. I really want to play basketball really bad. I don't think that playing center is a stretch for me at all. I just need to increase my vertical leap. I'm up to 2"! If I can add another 2", I'm sure I'll be able to dunk! What do you think? Should I call the NBA? I'm sure to be a #1 draft pick!


Whats better?

I might take a chance on you with my second round pick.
But if you don't show me something in the summer league, your chances of getting invited back to fall camp aren't good.

We are looking for a new mascot.
Of course, if you were selected for the job, you would have to be willing to let us shoot you out of a cannon, all the way across the floor, and into the upper bowl of the arena.

You aren't a pygmy with a giant tape worm in your gut, are you??

As an organization, we wouldn't want to make that same mistake twice. Needless to say, the scout was fired.

What types of food are good to eat before basketball games?

That's exactly Goddess' weight! How amazing. Lol i wonder why she hates thugs so much? Much love to Utah Jazz, but its all about the Warriors.

P.S. you have a funny question

Who is the best jump shooter in the NBA that i can learn from?

Ummm...This is humor?

What do you think of this dunk??

I love the sarcasm, I wonder if anyone will believe this lol.

Aau basketball.? s?

u will be the first midget ever to be in the NBA good luck with that u can do it!

Who is the best basketball player ?

in all seriousness you need to lose sum weight so you can get that verticle jump down. I mean up lol.

How to pull off a Kobe shot?

i would forget basketball on work on just staying alive. your health risk at this weight is very dangerous.take care of yourself first and worry about basketball later

Do you believe that an up-tempo style game would earn championship title?

Yeah.just a little.

Yahoo denver/san antonio game?

If basketball doesnt work out...try Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating better sign up it begins on July 4th

If the Warriors hold off the Mavs, can they make the finals?

Man.. you got to stop dreaming!?!

What's Katie Smith of the Detroit Shock's middle Name?

Thank you for giving me a great laugh :))))))))))

When is the zoom kobe 2 basketball shoes released in UK?

OK loss 430 pounds and then call ha ha. PS:i will be the #1 pick for football chargers over L.T.

Does anyone have steve nash's phone number?

Yes, especially if it's still your intention to sit around and play video games for several hours.

Whos YOUR favorite NBA Player everrrrrrr?

If u believe in yourself u can do anything.

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