Any thoughts on Bryant's response about Barbosa?

Question:Yesterday when Phoenix played LA, Kobe Bryant was asked about what the Lakers could do to stop Barbosa. He had this eloquent thing to say: "Give him a soccer ball. Tell him Brazilians should be playing soccer, not basketball."

Care to offer your opinion on that statement?


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Kobe's just jealous because LB owned him in the second half.

Barbosa is an amazing player who continues to get better and better. Easily one of the most entertaining players to watch in the NBA.

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Kobe Bryant is an idiot

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Wow. Could i get a source please?

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O_o nvm...he did say sure hes sarcastic more than anything...or getting D'antoni back for talking trash about the Lakers...i wouldn't make a big deal about happens everyday just Kobe is a highlight for anything he says...he makes jokes about alot of stuff, probably didn't mean it like that at all...i'd take as a compliment, soccer players are way faster than bball players...

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stop trying to stir up stuff chick...

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Ya great comment! I think Ill print that out and put it on my locker or something.

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Damn!! that isn't right for Kobe to say...SPECIALLY since Barbosa was the reason Kobe's Lakers lost.

Thats just a racist comment, although i doubt that kobe meant to say something as racist. It probably just came out wrong, REAL WRONG. he probably said it with humor, but in BOLD PRINT, you can make change the meaning up and down.

LMAO Did you see Dwyane Wade get swept by the Bulls?!?!?

yeh, my response to that is Kobe has a wicked sense of humor something I CAN ATTEST TO, I felt in all honesty Kobe made this comment out of humor and the public needs to stop literally taking every single thing he does so negative and give the man, a , Bad man i may say a break!

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Are you serious? How could I have missed that? See, this is exactly the reason why I absolutely cannot stand Kobe Bryant. It pisses me off how great of a player he is and how screwed up of an attitude this dude has! I have not seen a player of Kobe's caliber in quite a long time, and I cannot bring myself to call him one of my favorite players because of his attitude, his mouth, his arrogance, and selfishness. Kobe SUCKS! If he had just a drop of humility in his blood, then maybe he would be O.K., maybe!

Kobe, you are just mad that the "Brazilian Blur" shut you and your whole team down. Stop attacking another player for doing his job and suck up your whining and bring it the next game.


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Yaaawwwwnn!..another Fem - Nazi mad at Kobe because he likes to give pearl out men! she want's to castrate us and make us wear sweater vest's...

sound's good to me! long as it's not in Denver!.

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It's basketball people say things in the heat of moment because of anger and frustration, it happens all the time.

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Wow, I had not heard that. Now I hate him even more. He's just a little spoiled b*tch that got away with rape and now he talks sh*t because everybody hates him. Tell him he has teammates that can shoot the ball too. If he spread the ball around when he gets shut down by this Brazilian, his team might have a shot at getting past the first round.

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people like you thats gets him hated even more, die please

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Well I don't really like Kobe, but really I think he was just being funny, I don't think it's offensive. It would be dumb to make a big deal about it. I think he's just trying to keep attention away from him after game one.

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