Any other Mavs fans besides me that want to kick Dirk in the grapes?


Basketball jersey?

lol...i'm not a basketball fan, but when you're the #1 seed and get blown away like that in a must win game.I would kick the nuts of the entire team!

Who will be the 2007 NBA Champions??

not a mavs fan(phoenix fan) but all i can say is the real MVP nash would of clutched up as well as drive the lane...i swear a does a power foward not drive at all? last year everyone was praising dirk for his new ability to drive..D'wade was correct this guy is non existant in the 4th quarter. Mavs deserve to lose because of Dirk.

Who is the better pick for the Portland Trailblazers, Oden or Durant?

Yeah.. what a bum. It's not like he carried your team on his back all year or anything. Let's get him..

Errr.. just make sure we only don't hurt him bad enough to make him miss next season. Right?

Is it wise to choose nasha massage school?

Im a rockets fan, thanx Dirk, you things easier for us.

Have you signed the NBA Suspension Injustice Petition?

my god i did NOT think that he would sink so few field goals..a far cry from his 50-point performance against phoenix last year..definitely something to work on..his leadership and his nerves..anyway the warriors had dirk's former they were in his head..take away nelson,and the warriors wouldn't even be in the postseason now..maybe next year they'd focus more...

Will the St. Louis Cardinals make it to the playoffs this year?

Avery has nothing to do woth tthe building of Dallas MAvs. Nelson did everythung for him, and Nelson taught him a lot. But, Nelson didn't teach him how to use his brain.

They should fire that dumb coach. It was pretty obvious that GS'c coach outplayed Avry. Every time Nelson took a time-out, Warriors played much better. Every time Avry took time-out, Dallas has not changed the game score.
Again, Nowitzki will be made a scapegoat.
Nelson has done a great job in GS.

If Cleveland plays Utah in the NBA Finals, does hell freeze over?

No, no way. Did everybody forget that Dirk made the games 1,3 and 5. If not him, there woud not be a game 6.

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