2003 draft?

Question:if they redid the 2003 draft, what do u think would be the first five pics?(i think its the 2003 draft) i think..

1. cle-d-wade
2.det-lebron james
5.mia-josh howard

wat do u think?


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first 5... How about the first round of what is the deepest draft in recent memory

1. Cle- It's still Lebron
2. Det- D-Wade(How good would they be? It would be sick.)
3. Den- Chris Bosh
4. Tor- Carmelo Anthony
5. Mia- Josh Howard
6. LAC- Kirk Hinrich
7. Chi- T.J. Ford
8. Mil- David West
9. NY- Leandro Barbosa
10. Was- Boris Diaw
11. GS- Luke Ridnour
12. Sea- Udonis Haslem (dude wasn't even drafted)
13. Mem- Chris Kaman
14. Sea- Jason Kapono (teamed w/ Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis. No single season 3 pointers by a team record would be safe)
15. Orl- Darko (He might wind up higher looked good toward the end of the year and in the 1st playoff game)
16. Bos- Zaur Pachulia
17. Pho- Nick Collison (bet his stats would be better with Nash & co.)
18. NO- Michael Petrius
19. Utah- Kendrick Perkins
20. Bos- Luke Walton
21. Atl- Willie Green
22. NJ- Steve Blake
23. Por- Troy Bell
24. LAL- Kyle Korver (Takes pressure off Kobe from downtown)
25. Det- Marquis Daniels
26. Min- Travis Outlaw
27. Mem- Francisco Elson
28. SA- Darius Songailia
29. Dal- Brian Cook

As a Dallas resident I'm obviously glad it didn't go this way but there were still another 5 or so solid contributers out of that draft. Amazing.

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den-d wade
mia-josh howard

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i think cleveland would take melo or lebron still. detroit would take josh howard or bosh. denver would take whoever cleveland didnt. toronto would take wade and miami woul be left with whoever detroit wouldnt take. but you never know how this guys could be on a different team.

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LeBron would still go to cleveland
Detroit wanted to focus on teamwork not a superstar like wade or Melo but if they knew how good they would be then idk
Denver- D-Wade
tor- carmelo
mia- chris bosh

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(1) Cleveland - Lebron (No way they will give up Lebron even now! That's the reason why they are in the playoffs.)
(2) Detroit - Bosh (They did draft a big man and with Rip and Billip in the backcourt, Wade will not like to be on the bench! Bosh however will be a good pick for the Pistons. Again playing time will be hard to get but if they really have Bosh, their lineup now will be Billip, Rip, Prince, Sheed and Bosh!)
(3) Denver - Wade (Andre Miller, Wade and Camby ... winning combo! ... they do need a small forward but Wade is too good to be missed.)
(4) Toronto - Melo (Carter and Melo will be an interesting combination but they did not have a center then. So they may trade someone like Peterson or Rose or Alvin Williams for a big man ... most likely with whoever got Kaman that year!)
(5) Miami - Barbosa (Howard is certainly a good pick but look at this, they have Eddie Jones and Caron Butler then ... Howard may not have the playing time.)

Overall, you need to see who they have during that season and the season before to make the choice. It was a great draft that year and players like Josh, Maurice Williams, Ford, Hinrich, Walton, West, Diaw and Korver are great for many teams!

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