Anyone know if the reason the warriors fans are so passionate is because they are also raiders fans?

Question:i assume since the raiders fans are bored at this time of the season.. theyd root for the warriors.

or is the warriors crowd made up of a whole new fan base?


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that may be part of the reason, but i think that they so passionate is because the warriors are making it to the playoffs after so many years. they want to cherish the moment in case the warriors don't make it to the playoffs for another 13 years.

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they are so roudy because they havent won in a long time, they want it really badly

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after going for the raiders for so long finally they have a team that is doing a great job. really they are the underdog.

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they just want to win basically and they dont wanna see there team get eliminated they were crazy in the dallas and warriors game imagine this one they won by a blowout in there home watch tonite when they end up winning for the fans again and they almost beat jazz in there home twice

Oh my gosh!! for the mavs and warriors game. the refs made soo much weird calls =( it's pissin me off!

That's probably part of it. But a bigger reason is that Golden State had been unsuccessful (and out of the playoffs) for so long. 1994 was a long time ago. For them to suddenly be back (and knocking out the team with the best record) is pretty exciting.

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i was born into a family of niners fans so im a diehard 49ers fan. i HATE the raiders! but i love the warriors... them being located in oakland has nothing to do with it. the warriors fans are just so passionate because they practically represent the entire bay area that's why they have like a cult following here... they are our only hometown basketball team... if you dont count the kings of course. haha. =)

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I've visited San Francisco, and that would not be the reason I'd say they were "passionate." But we'll leave that unspoken, if you know what I mean.

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