3 point shooting?

it seems so hard to make the ball go that far any advice on how to shoot 3 pointers im trying to make my 10th grade basketball team help


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same as every shot, just shoot harder.

True Or False??

work on mid range first. once you get the hang of that go a few feet back. three pointers will come naturally. dont force those kinds of shots. 3s arent everything

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your coach will be looking for a guy who can create plays and find the open guy and that sort of thing and also someone who will ALWAYS box out if he is a good coach, you will have to put a lot of hustle into your game

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Do some weight training. Ask the guy who "supervises" around your school's gym for some lifts that strengthen your forearms, triceps and shoulders.

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yeah, okay. Just work on your nice shot near the key... keep shooting that shot. Then start moving back. as your hand starts to adjust, so will you. make sure as you back up u start to make the shots. If not keep shooting. Try to get around 10 shots to go in at each foot or two away from the basket.
For example...
15 footer. shoot about 15 times.. make around 10 shots.
then move to the 18
then go to 20 footer
then work ur way to the three pt line
So on, I was very small so i had to totally change my shot for threes if you have to do that, be sure to get enough practise using both forms.

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