Am I not right that Jazz will eliminate the warriors soon?


Why do Americans call the NBA champion as "world champion" when it is not a world basketball competition?

unfortunately after tonight it seems ur right. The cinderella story is over. Golden state is an amazing team in their own building, but losing game 4 means its over. I predict 4-1 final, GS cant handle boozer in Utah

In basketball I need help with learning to shoot three pointers better...any suggestions??

No, ur not right. Warriors Rule!!!!

Yao Ming Draft?


the warriors wouldn't be in the semifinals had they not been paired with dallas.

Easy 10 Points: Who is the only NBA player to have averaged a triple-double during an entire season?

I agree with the person above the person above me.

The only reason they're here in the first place is because their coach used to coach Dallas.

Jazz will get them in 5.

Should Kobe Bryant have won the Sportsmanship Award??

Yep. I don't think the Warriors will win in Utah. They looked like they just got worn out tonight, kind of like in OT game 2. The glass slipper isn't quite fitting anymore.

Do you think that an Asian Country can top the feat of the Phil. Team In World & Olympic Cage?

your right.

Expert's believe that Duncan is the best PF ever, Do you?

Go Jazz! Crush them!

Has there been an mvp award given to someone when the nba playoffs is in the second rnd the mvp's team is out?

you should hope the jazz don't get that cocky, because that's the way teams come back from down 3-1

Does anyone one else think they should sing german national anthem to honor dirk at mavs home games?

Yes you are right. The end is Tuesday night.
No way will the Warriors win in Utah. Watch when they loose in Utah they will claim poor calls by the refs and will say the fans were calling them names.

Suns came out with tremendous energy, why couldn't they sustain it? Why couldn't they hold onto the lead?

No your not right. GO WARRIORS =) We'll crush the Jazz

LeBron is responsible for Cavs defeat. Skip Bayless and Damon Hack believe that. What do you think?

I think you're right. I think that the Jazz needed to lose one in GS to remind them just how seriously the playoffs should be taken and basically it snapped them back into reality. That being said, GS is definitely good, but in this series they've lived by the 3 and died by the 3. I hope the Jazz don't get too cocky, but I hope that they go in with enough of a chip on their shoulder to take it seriously and own the game, especially here in SLC. GO JAZZ!

Who are your all time favorite NBA bench players...guys who made an impact coming off the bench?

It isn't over until the Jazz get the fourth win. It might look incredibly bleak, but I'm still hoping that the Dubs somehow pull out game 5 with a W.

Which team will win the NBA finals?(include good reasons)?

They don't have the inside presence to keep up with the Jazz. And for once Barkley was right about something when he said all the poundings and shorter time off between games will make GSW's shooting percentage get worse and worse.

Do you think the cleveland indians have a better shot at winning the world series than the cavs winning a nba?

It does look like the end of the Warriors run.

They would be right about the racial slurs from Utah fans.
They would be right about bad ref calls. It's happening to the Suns too.
Refs don't call certain fouls in the playoffs. It's just that simple. They'll allow the more physical teams to win.

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