2vs2 KOBE & BEN WALLACE vs Tracy McGrady & Jermaine O'Neal?


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Kobe and Ben because Kobe would light it up while Ben beats the * out of prissy boy O'Neal.

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Kobe and Ben Wallace will win.

Kobe can defend decently while Wallace IS a monster defender.
Kobe IS a great scorer while Wallace can also score decently.


no contest,mcgrady & o'neal would win,bec. they are more versatile offensively than kobe & ben

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None of the Above
Tracy Mcgrady and Yao Ming

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McGrady and J O'Neal. Ben Wallace would suck for a 2 on 2. It would be Kobe taking all the shots. At least T-Mac and O'Neal could share the shots.

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T-Mac and O'neal would win because Ben Wallace can not score as good as O'neal.

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Kobe and Wallace but it would be an excellent matchup.

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I'm a Laker fan and Love my man Kobe but Ben is a defender and Rebounder with no Offensive skills so Game goes to McGrady & O'neal. The both are all around players so No Contest. Better match would Be KG and Kobe vs T-Mac and O'neal. Then it be a game which Kobe and hopefully his future teammate KG would pull out.

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Kobe and Ben will win by a landslide... absolutely no contest. McGrady is a streaky shooter at best and doesn't have the consistent long range and mid range jumper Kobe has. T-Mac's shooting percentage has always hovered around 43 whereas Kobe is around 49. How many game winning baskets or crucial shots have Kobe made vs T-Mac? Kobe is also a better defender than him so is Wallace compared to O'Neal.

Although O'Neal is a better scorer but he's an average scorer and rebouder at best given he's a 19 and 10 guy. Wallace is a much better rebounder and shot blocker plus he's won numerous defensive player of the year award.

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First of all Kobe's FG% is just over 1 percent better than T-Mac's throughout their careers. I also think too many people are putting too much into the NBA game and what goes on. 2 on 2 would be a completely different game.

I'd take T-Mac and Jemaine. Tracy has two inches on Kobe and Jermaine has 2 inches on Ben, so they'd have the size advantage. While Kobe is the best overall player of the bunch, I think many are underrating Tracy McGrady and his skills. While he'd have some difficulty guarding Kobe, who doesn't, he'd be able to stay with Kobe better than many expect he and O'Neil could switch if Kobe got a step on him. Plus with the size advantage and the style of play that T-Mac has, Kobe would have difficulty guarding T-Mac.

Ben Wallace is a great player but isn't a scorer. The only way he's getting anything is off a rebound or a defensive breakdown where he gets a layup or dunk. O'Neill can actually shoot the ball. Plus both men could post up with their size advantage.

In the end it'd probably be whoever had the hot hand. But if they played a series of games T'Mac and Jermaine would be the better tandem.

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The guards are essentially equal but the bigmen are not. Ben will kick Jermaine's *** all the was to indiana!

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