2nd Q on Warriors Game 4 look at profile for 1rst Q?

Question:I wanted to point out the warriors are not clutch. Yes they made 3s but mostly in the 1rst 2nd and 3rd period. They won a close one with Dallas i think it was 103 -99 but they played without pressure and with a college crowd. But now they have pressure they tasted winning and it seemed like they played not to lose. They were riding on confidence, the crowd, and no pressure. But late in the game the crowd jumped at every chance they got to try to get them back in the game but the warriors thought they were REGGIE MILLER and jacked up contested fadeaway 3s.
J-rich and davis could of drove when they got 2 off. rebounds and the defense was not set, but instead they settled for fadeaways.

Carlos BOozer finnaly had the game people said he would have against a small lineup, the scary thing is that okur, AK were in foul trouble most of the time but the GSW could not pull away because othey were jacking up threes. Most likely their last game at UTH game 5



Chicago vs. Detroit?

There is no way that GS will find their way out of this one. I admire their spunk... but they really on it (their spunk) to much. The Jazz put out the fire tonight, and there's no way that GS will be able to re-kindle the flame in the Energy Solutions Arena. Utah fans are hard core, and that place is huge. It all ends in game five.

The NBA Office Cost The Suns the Championship...?

Warriors are playing possum.

Warriors in 7.

Of all the sports announcers that give their opinion on NBA games, weather for ESPN or T.N.T who is the best?

You ask really long questions. I think the warriors will catch up to Jazz.


Who could the Portland Trailblazers use in this years draft?

Can you please stop comparing them to Reggie Miller?? They are the Warriors. and they play as themselves!! Go stick with your own team and make comments about them!! Leave GS alone. We don't need your comments!! :] Thank you.. :]

How many warrior fans?

utah in 6

either way, neither jazz or gs will get to the finals

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