Who is a better fit for Portland: Oden or Durrant?

It is obvious that Portland will either pick Oden or Durrant. They are not dumb! Many says that they will pick Oden. But is he really fit into Portland more than Durrant? Give me your opinion.


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Big A said that we need a solid 2.
I guess that Rookie of the Year BRoy isn't solid? Ok..
Anyhow. Greg Oden is the best fit for several reasons:

1: It's all about "culture" KP's buzzword. Oden is no scowling gangbanger a la ZBo, Telifar, Miles, etc. He is a huge Will Smith fan for chrissakes! Very soft spoken and humble, not a selfish "me-first" player.

2: This is the West Coast, you gotta have a legit post threat in the west to go all the way.

3: LaMarcus Aldridge is a face up PF who likes to play a bit away from the rim. Oden frees him up to do so while still keeping the lane safe. Between the two, Portland's rebounding goes sky high.

4: It's MUCH harder to get a dominant Center than it is to get a SF who can score. Quick,name me a few high scoring SF's,Kobe,Garnett,LeBron, Luis, Johnson, Peirce, the list goes on...
Can you name even 5 dominant centers?

5: Nate McMillan likes to play the post game. An Oden/Aldridge tandem gives Portland a very potent post game. Aldridge is MUCH better than his stats showed Rookie year.

6: With Aldridge/Oden, we can trade Randolph for a high scoring SF. The twin towers more than compensate for the loss of ZBo's 10 boards and I am certain that they'll post more points than Zbo/Pryzbilla. Trading Zach will rid Portland of a distraction that doesn't share the ball well, which would be great on an Eastern team that is in a slump right now.

Just my BS opinion.~Nathan

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oden, they need a center not a forward

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i think they need durant more. but they're not going to give up oden. oden is a lot better and is going to keep getting better. they can get players almost as good as durant. but they can't get anyone as close as oden. even though they already have lamarcus aldridge. if i was portland. i would try to bring in a nice 2 guard.

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Durrant is more well rounded and can play whatever they need I think he is the better player and they should pick him.

Not to say Oden is not good he is excellent just not right for Portland

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The new "Big O". Odds are an All-Time center will have more championship success than an All Time small forward. Durrant would have to be a lot better than KG, T-Mac or Norwitzski to lead his team to a ring.

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Oden is the best pick and here's why:

NBA history - all championship teams in recent history (other than Jordan's Bulls and the 90's "Bad Boys" Pistons) have had a dominant offensive or defensive center.

Miami / LA - Shaq, Kareem
San Antonio - Duncan
Detroit - B. Wallace
Houston - Olajuwan
Boston - Parish

It is therefore imperative to draft your championship quality center when you can. It doesn't come around very often. Oden is that type of center.

Portland doesn't have a quality center. Aldridge is better at the 4, not the 5. Joel Pryz's best years are behind him and Magloire will likely sign with another team. This is Portland's best opportunity to cash in and get their dream guy.

Durant (one r in his name, btw) is a 3. A Tracy McGrady type. Scorer, a me-first type of player. NOT who Portland needs. Yes, we need a 3, but if you take Oden and slide Aldridge to the 4, we can trade Randolph for a solid 3. Perhaps the sign and trade rumor that says Lewis from Seattle might like to play for his former coach. Perhaps it's Jefferson from NJ. Or maybe we just trade Randolph for someone's first round pick... who knows. Drafting Durant leaves a gaping hole at the 5, and if championships are what the goal is, you have to take it while you have that opportunity.

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Oden. He has potential to join the great centers that have played. Can't pass on that.

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i think oden is better for portland because he can free up space in the lane for branden roy. he will also complement zach randolph's offensive game wit his defense.

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ME!! lol

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