All this talk about Lakers, and who they need -_-, who do Clippers need next year to be succesful?

Screw the Lakers, what do Clipper's need :]]. Specifically in the pg position.


Does anyone else have trouble watching Eastern Conference basketball?

lakers dont have room to sign any players because of the cap//and yes Jermain O'neal would be a great addition to either tem but the Clippers have more cap room where the Lakers would have to do some manuvering..which wont happen because O'nea; would want the ball some and Kobe does't like to share and that is why they are GONE

Is Amare Stoudemire just being a primadonna with regard to his comment on Bruce Bowen?

they need to quit cause there not taking over LA

Does anyone know where the Duke Lacrosse players who were cleared of rape are currently going to school?

No body can help the Clippers. They are beyond repair.

Nba all star game?

What the Clippers need is another shooter and maybe another point guard depending on if Shaun Livingston heels completely. Mobley is getting old so that is why I say they need another shooter.

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