2007 NBA draft who IS THE best SF?




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Durant is a SF... but he's going to the Grizz or Celts.

How do i go about to get the right basketball trophys?

Definentaly Durant but he could be a PF also. He most likely could be taken in an early pick because he is the best player in the draft right now but other players are:
Jeff Green- Georgetown
Julian Wright- Kansas
Thaddeus Young- Georgia Tech (Likely Pick)
Derrick Byars- Vanderbilt
Alndo Tucker- Wisconsin
Rayshawn Terry- NC
Brandon Rush- Kansas

Those are all the likely picks but on NBAdraft.net they have them picking Thaddeus Young

Who's Portland going to pick since they got the number one pick?


If dirk nowitski wins the mvp this season and his team gets eliminated by warriors in 1st round?

If you can consider Kevin durant as a Small Forward but he will be 1st or 2nd pick and clippers are neither no offense im cool with elton brand

Does anybody else agree with me that offensive goal tending is absolutely insane?! This rule should be erased.

Do you follow college ball at all? Durant's the best SF, no-brainer

Whats your bets for first round series? give me scores in all match ups?

Al Thorton from Florida St. ...a super freak athlete.

What are the odds that amare stoudemire and boris diaw will be suspended?

Well Kevin Durant would be an NBA small forward, otherwise I like Al Thorton

Who wii win a one on one battle,kobe bryant or dwayne wade??

First place of the 2007 mock draft is Greg Oden from Memphis. Looks like Clippers' winner wasThaddeus Young and is in 14th place. Sorry, Well nextime.

Do you think the Jazz or Spurs should use this video or song to pump up the crowd?

I would have to go with Corey Brewer from the University of Florida. He is a super athletic small forward with outstanding length and a relentless motor. Brewer was arguably the best defender in all of college basketball this past season. Look for him to get drafted anywhere from #6 to #9.

What do you think of fans who root for Warriors only because they're easier to beat?

The best SF is Kevin Durant. But I don't think the Clippers will get him. But they could get Brandon Wright.
The others are Corey Brewer and Alando Tucker.

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