Although they lost today why do the Lakers give the Suns so much trouble?

The Suns are by far a much superior team than the Lakers, but they always get into a dog fight with this team. Why is that?


What constitutes a dynasty in professional sports?

one name-kobe and then kobe and later kobe.well that's the only treat to the suns.go lakers.

Who is poor man's Dirk Nowitzki?

They figure they are a much more superior team too, so they go easy on them.

Is Joakim Noah good?

The Suns had a bad game(though they still won)

Who would you rather have? Kobe Bryant or Kevin Ollie?

By contesting there jump shots, It kind of looked like the suns had a tough time shooting, thats because the lakers stepped up

Is anyone else hugely disappointed with the lakers this year?

becaose of the suns disrespectful coach who called out the laker players sayin the suk
so the lakers get motivvated
plus the suns play the same in the season as theyd o in the playoffs were the lakers try a lot harder in the playoffs
also the suns arent that great they dont beat teams they just outscore them

What L.A. Lakers star was named after a Philadelphia steak house?

This one is easy....KOBE!
This guy can give ANY team in the NBA trouble
the guy can hit every jump shot!!
Unless you have Bruce Bowen(and sometimes thats not even enough) Kobe isnt scoring below 20

What is the most stupid comparison made between two NBA players?

The Lakers don't give the Suns a hard time...Kobe gives the Suns and everyone else around the league a hard time. The Suns don't have a defensive answer to Kobe.

Why does this years NBA playoffs have no buzz?

kobe bryant gives everyone trouble

nash has trouble playing Defense so on rotation hes covering bryant kobe can blow right by him 4 an easy 2 points

Popularity (Please Read)?

The lakers believe it or not have a pretty solid defense. When faced with defensive teams, the suns always have trouble due to their "outscore everyone" type play. But It doesnt matter, If they even make it to Dallas, The Mavs are going to mop the floor with steve nash's stringy hair. Ha ha ha ha Go Mavs!

Can somebody read this nba article and tell me what they think?

Part of it is mental because they know they are going against a team that took them 7 games last year. Another part is the Suns had a pretty bad game untill the 3rd quarter where they tore the Lakers to pieces. Yet another reason, is the style of basketball the suns play: all-out offense, this style barely ever, if ever, wins a championship. Sure, this Suns team is one of the most offensive teams ever, and the best offensive team in the league right now. Unfortunately for the Suns...The D is much tighter in the playoffs...Thats why the Mavs never got anywhere untill they added D to their game. However, untill the Lakers can stop playing like the Kobes...They wont be winning anytime soon, either. I dont see either of these teams making it past round 2, but, i could be wrong.In answer to your question: Neither team has a good style of playing in the playoffs.So they both (and any other team would give them trouble too) give each other alot of trouble, because of play stlye.

Does sarunas jasacus deserve more minutes?

KOBE BRYANT!! He is the most amazing player ever. If we didn't have KWAME *** BROWN playing we would win it all. Lamar, Luke, Kobe, and at times Smush are not bad. kwame is horrible.

Kidd to the Lakers...still a possibility so should we want him?

Size and the fact that even though they have Raja Bell & Shawn Marion they are not a good defensive team. Also Kobe & Lamar are pretty good scorers one on one.

Can The Heat make it atleast a 6 or 7 game series??

success goes to their heads. all they hear is how they should win.. kobe does his thing and makes it a game.. but there is still no way the lakers will win the series

Could i make it in the WNBA?

Kobe. The Suns admit they have a hard time catching up to him when he gets on one of his runs.

Are there any AAU basketball teams in northern new jersey?

As long as the suns pull out the W's who cares

Does anyone think the Bulls have a chance to win the next two games with their young, inexperianced team?

well triangle defense does limit the inside players. But i really dont think lakers give suns trouble. Last year if the kings, nuggets or clips played suns in the 1st round, the suns would have lost, bc they went through a slump and emotionally suns were drained since amare wasnt coming back last year. This year going up 3-1 in reg season is a good sign for the suns. But i think in a 7 game series in the playoffs against a playoff team its always gonna be a dogfight, but suns are superior so thats why they come out on top even if amare isnt playing or bell isnt playing, as long as nash is there he can facilitate any player to make it happen. But i mean lakers dont give suns as much trouble as warriors give mavs trouble, so i am at least glad we can beat the lakers. :-)

Whos going to work half asleep tomorrow on the east coast after watching this suns/phoenix game?

just like dal/warr...every team got their weakness..

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