Any one else happy that...?

both the spurs and mavs lost...cuz i am.


Where are NBA jerseys made?

Happy that the Mavs lost.

Go Warriors!

Who will the Rockets pick in the upcoming NBA draft?


Where are all the Pistons Fans?

Sad that the Mavs lost, but I congratulate all you Warriors fans.

Name the eastearn team and the western team for year 2008,what do you think they will be?

Oh yea all the teams i wanted to win won exept heat crycrycrycrycrycrycry fav team sorry but anyway i never ever thought nuggets would have won but im happy
still im crying from miami heat losing im biggest fan

Who do you think will win the 2007 NBA championship?

i am happy suns won. and i am happy spurs and mavs lost. i really think injuries limited the suns to win a championship last couple of years, and we are seeing someone new take a shot at the championship. So if spurs and mavs lose the series, it gives a serious edge to the suns...hopefully :-)

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