After game 1, do you guys now think Warriors have a fighting chance against the Mavs?!?!?!?

Question:I asked this before the game and most people say its probably but unlikely.

Now warriors have figured mavericks out...avery tried to counter nellies style playing small ball and when I found out about it, I knew mavs were going down. Sure Mavericks are the better team, but as sad as it may be, i believe the mavericks hard earned number 1 spot will mean nothing when/if they get eliminted by the warriors...which after this game...just made it more likely.

Anyone care to give any input about the game and the warriors/mavericks series?


Could the Mavs win over the Warriors?

I do not know if the warriors have the stamina for the series. Sadly, they fall in seven

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It will go 6 or 7 games. Either team could win.

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O hell Yeah!

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as a warriors fan im not surprised we won, honestly. ive seen us beat them 6/7 times and now its 7/8 times. i love watching mark cuban lose his cool. i love watching the warriors stifle dirk. but i still think dallas pulls it out in the end, they are the better team, we're just going to make them work harder than any 8 seed team ever will.

Anyone think that dirk got the mvp b-cuz they felt sorry for his team getting eliminated in the playoffs?

i really think the warriors will beat the mavs.

How many career points does Shaq have; OUTSIDE the paint?

I think Golden State can beat Dallas anytime, anywhere.

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the warrior will get by the mavs...but they won't go any further in the playoffs.

They will lay it all out there and give it their all.

you can get away with it in the first couple of rounds, but playing lock down defense only wins championships.

When will the NBA put out the schedule for the 2nd round of the playoffs?

Warriors coach is the true key of Warriors success. Avery Johnson is just a rookie coach.
I'm hoping Warriors will be that damn good to eliminate the Mavericks. Blessed the Warriors.

Who do you thinks gunan win tonight cavs or nets?

LOL. i think its so funny how people completely doubted the warriors thinking the mavs will sweep them and all that when they've never even seen the warriors play. now that the whole country has seen what the warriors can do after today's game, everybody thinks they have a chance! well. being a warriors fan from the bay area who has followed the team all season long, i know for a fact that they will make the mavs work to win this series. so many people thought dallas would make it to the next round easy. oh please... the critics need to wake up because the warriors are a better team than what their regular season record states. it will go down to the wire with these two teams because this is a rivalry in the making. its only game one though so im not trying to get my hopes up or anything but i believe in my warriors!! GO DUBS!! =)

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idk why ppl dont take warriors seriously. I really think warriors have figured out mavs a long time ago, bc of don nelson. The question now is can the mavs figure out the warriors soon enuf. Avery though he did by starting small players and putting diop and dampier in the bench and it just backfired. I really think warriors have the upper edge, even though mavs have the experience had the best record in teh reg season, bc mavs have not figured out the warriors yet.

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most definitely BELIEVE they have a chance.. i was hoping for at least a split in dallas and we already got that.. the expression on mark cuban's face was PRICELESS!

one game at a time though..

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The Warriors have to hold serve at home. It will be loud as hell but don't forget that Dallas is a great road team. I still think that if Golden State can one at home, or both, Dallas will lose and waste a 67-win season to a team that pretty-much owns them in every way. Baron Davis must stay healthy and continue to play at a high level. When he posts up in the paint they might have to double-team him. aint that funny? A point guard in the paint commanding a double-team? Is Dallas overrated? HMMMMM!!!

Ohhh the look on Mark Cuban's Face and Hasselhoff loving Dirks Was it the biggest upset in Playoff history?


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